Collaborative adaption of GLTN’s Teaching Essentials for Responsible Land Administration into a Massive Open Online Course

Customary tenure village area in Malawi, 2002. Photo: Stig Enemark

The Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) working with the Land Administration Education Working Group of the International Federation of Surveyors (FIG) a is adapting GLTN’s e-learning course Teaching Essentials for Responsible Land Administration (TERLA) into a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) entitled Introduction to Responsible Land Administration. TERLA is a structured Knowledge Base to support design and teaching of Responsible Land Administration curricula at universities and training institutions. The course 6-module online course was completed and published on the GLTN e-learning platform in 2019.
The overall goal of the MOOC Introduction to Responsible Land Administration is to sensitize trainees to the concept of responsible land administration and empower them to become pro-active actors in the implementation of the AU agenda. The MOOC targets professionals and upcoming professionals, such as students that are not yet acquainted with the details of land governance and administration but who may work or study in a field with an explicit link to land administration, such as rural development, decentralization, agriculture, urbanization and real estate. The advanced modules will target participants that already have at least a very basic understanding of land administration tools and practices. These individuals would therefore likely be already involved in land governance education and practice, for instance, African land practitioners/students that want to deepen their understanding in a specific facet of land administration such as land-based finance.
This initiative is a collaboration between the Network of Excellence on Land Governance in Africa (NELGA) and the BMZ-funded Strengthening Advisory Capacities for Land Governance in Africa (GIZ-SLGA) programme.
NELGA is a partnership of more than 70 leading African universities and research institutions. NELGA is an initiative of GIZ-SLGA and regional nodes implement and coordinate NELGA activities jointly with other NELGA institutions in their respective regions. The Department of Land and Spatial Sciences at NUST is the regional node for NELGA in Southern Africa.
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