“Scaling up Community-based Land Registration and Land Use Planning on Customary Land in Uganda” project launched Read More... Best wishes for the New Year 2022 from the Secretariat Read More... Minister of Land Affairs Aimé Sakombi Molendo and customary chiefs at the workshop Toward a land policy in the Democratic Republic of Congo: National validation workshop, Kinshasa 15-17 November 2021 Read More... Three of the over 500 Mbale residents who received certificates of customary ownership Photo: ACTogether Uganda Uganda issues first ever Certificates of Customary Ownership in urban areas Read More... Webinar: Improving customary land tenure for smallholder farmers in Laos - Application of fit-for-purpose and gender responsive land tools and approaches Read More... Tenure-Responsive Land Use Planning: A Practical Guide for Country-level Intervention Read More...

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@LANDacademy invites session proposals for the LANDac Annual International Conference 2022 on 'Governing land for the future - what (r)evolutions do we need?’ To be held in a hybrid format. Deadline for proposals: 11th February 2022. More information: bit.ly/3IBUzky pic.twitter.com/znPL…