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GLTN Gender Strategy (2019–2030): Towards Securing Women’s and Girls’ Land and Property Rights

About This Publication

The GLTN Gender Strategy (2019-2030) provides a framework for designing land tenure and governance interventions around women’s and girls’ land and property rights. It affirms our commitment and motivates our partners to do more to secure land and property rights for women and girls. It underpins the centrality of gender equality in resource sharing and allocation, including land as a productive resource for women and girls. The strategy will consolidate our efforts to secure women’s and girls’ land and property rights by mobilizing resources and leveraging partnerships to implement activities and monitor progress.

This is a living document. It recognizes that partners need to be flexible, versatile and innovative in forging fit-for-purpose responses to emerging needs, trends and new challenges and opportunities in order to better support the realization of women’s and girls’ land and property rights.

Our vision, mission, goal and strategic objectives are described in our overall GLTN Strategy 2018–2030, which complements and should be read alongside this document.

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  • This is fantastic. I would want to become a volunteer on this great project. I am a land Surveyor by profession. Women are so marginalized when it comes to securing Land rights, especially in African continent. With this project at hand, women would be given opportunities and privileges towards land use titles/ rights.