Introducing GLTN’s 80th Partner, the China Land Surveying and Planning Institute

We are pleased to announce that the China Land Surveying and Planning Institute (CLSPI) has joined the Network as our 80th Partner in the International Professional Bodies Cluster.

Established in 1987 for the benefit of the public, CLSPI is a comprehensive public institution under the Ministry of Natural Resources of China. Its main duty is to provide knowledge-based support for decision-making and technical guarantees for land and resource management. This promotes reform and innovation of sustainable land use and management and land science and technology.

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Based on the thinking of “strengthening communication and embracing an open way of operation”, CLSPI sponsors the Chinese core academic journal titled China Land Science and operates the open website of land and resources data and urban land price monitoring data. In order to build an open and shared high-end innovation platform, CLSPI has established collaborative relations with 33 provincial-level surveying and planning institutes and more than 30 academic research agencies and universities nation-wide.

Together with these partners, 12 scientific research bases and one research center have been jointly built in various locations in China, forming a research network on land policy research and innovation on land science and technology throughout China.

Meet the Partner: China Land Surveying and Planning Institute (CLSPI)