Planning responses to urbanization challenges

Nearly 4000 people participated in the first week of the City Changer Dialogues on! Among several interesting discussions was one that focused on seven basic principles of urban planning: Plan in advance; Plan at scale; Plan in phases; Plan for social integration; Plan for density; Plan for connectivity; Plan for energy efficiency and risk prevention.

Most participants endorsed the seven principles, but noted that some elements specific to the context will need to be added or adapted, and cities in developing and developed countries will give varying importance to different elements. Additional elements relevant for many cities include planning for economic development, and place-making. Experiences from Canada, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru and United States were shared. For both the developing and developed world, a strong ethical basis for planning and a rights-based approach seem to hold the key in addition to the seven principles outlined.

The focus of this week is on Urban Policies, Legislation and institutions.

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