AGRA: Symposium on Global Agriculture & Food Security with G8 & President Barack Obama

On May 18, U.S. President Barack Obama, with G8 and African leaders, businesses, international organizations and civil society convened to discuss necessary action to ensure food security and agricultural development across Africa. The event, hosted by The Chicago Council on Global Affairs in collaboration with the World Economic Forum, featured significant new business commitments for African agriculture and further discussions on addressing hunger and poverty.

AGRA President Jane Karuku, Acting Chairman of the Board Strive Masiyiwa and PASS Program Director Joe DeVries attended the summit held at Camp David in Maryland, USA with Mr. Masiyiwa delivering key remarks to G8 leaders at the summit Saturday.

AGRA was given a key role in the G8’s next phase of a shared commitment to achieving global food security. The new initiative will focus on increasing agricultural food production in Africa.

More on AGRA’s role in the new high-level initiative coming soon.