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Invitation to submit to a special issue publication on “LAND, WOMEN, YOUTHS, AND LAND TOOLS OR METHODS”

Developing the tools or methods for securing land rights for all, especially for the youth and women, is a primary objective of responsible land management and land administration. Understanding the challenges women and youths face (and possible ways of resolving these challenges) in their quest to access, use and secure land resources, is vital for knowledge building for achieving tenure security for all. However, a broad knowledge gap exists on the land–women–youth–policy nexus of land management study and practice.

All stakeholders in the global land sector are invited to disseminate their research and practical experiences to the Special Issue entitled “LAND, WOMEN, YOUTHS, AND LAND TOOLS OR METHODS” to the journal, LAND.

Dr Uchendu Eugene Chigbu, the Co-chair of GLTN’s International Training and Research Cluster, is the Guest Editor of this Special Issue. The Special Issue hopes to build a knowledge base of researches that present emerging land tools or methods that can improve the understanding of land-women-youth-policy relationships. For details on the Special Issue and procedures for submitting articles to this Issue, please visit the official webpage of the journal, LAND, at https://www.mdpi.com/journal/land/special_issues/land_women