Governments engaging and reaping tangible benefits from GLTN tools and approaches.

The tools and approaches of the Global Land Tool Network are increasingly being sought by National Governments to improve tenure security for all. In the last few years, GLTN has started working with the government of Nepal and has ongoing work with Uganda, Zambia, Namibia, Kenya, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Sudan.

These requests and activities at national level reinforce the relevance of GLTN’s knowledge and tools to support governments efforts to improve land governance and tenure security.

Watch the videos below to see the statements from two national government decision makers on how GLTN has strengthened their land administration systems and helped foster more inclusive approaches to engaging local communities.

Democratic Republic of the Congo (DR Congo): The Honourable Nzanzu Kasivita Provincial Minster in charge of Land Affairs Urbanisation and Housing in North Kivu in the DR Congo, says that the collaboration with GLTN has “helped us to develop a good database regarding land administration. It also allowed us to develop these databases with other government services such as the public finance services. Because the constitution of the DR Congo gives us the possibility to collect taxes on land, the database helps us link that information with the tax department.”

Nepal : Likewise feedback Mr Ganesh Prasad Bhatta, the Director General of the Survey Department of Nepal, in the Ministry of Agriculture, Land Management and Cooperatives, appreciates that GLTN tools have been instrumental in the formulation of an inclusive draft of Nepal’s National Land Policy. “GLTN tools have helped the government to understand the aspirations of different stakeholders in the land community’, he notes. To add Nepal is in the process of adopting a new national land policy based on the principles of fit for purposes, gender responsiveness and inclusivity.

More information on our work in DR Congo and Nepal: