Meet the partner

Meet the partner : Huairou Commission

The Huairou Commission is a global coalition of women’s networks, INGOs, and grassroots women’s organizations that empowers grassroots women by developing strategic partnerships and linkages among grassroots women’s organizations, advancing their capacity to collectively influence political spaces on behalf of their communities and enhance their sustainable, resilient community development practices.

The coalition supports grassroots women’s organizations with resources and tools to expand their leadership capacity, as well as platforms to share their voices, strategies, and successes with other grassroots women around the world.

Several grassroots women’s organizations, members of the Huairou Commission, have tested the Gender Evaluation Criteria (GEC) in its initial phase in Brazil (Espaco Feminista), Ghana (Grassroots Sisterhood Foundation) and Nepal (Lumanti). These tests focused on largescale land tools: municipal master plans, land reform commissions and land administration systems.  The GEC is a flagship GLTN tool that addresses gender responsiveness in land tool development.

In the case of Brazil, for instance, the application of the tool ensures inclusivity in their application where men, women and other stakeholders are actively involved in design, implementation and evaluation. A number of community leaders working on land and property rights, researchers, land professionals and representatives of the government’s land institutions have been trained in designing and evaluating land tools with a gender analysis to realize and to recognize inequity and/ or inclusion issues in land policies and land regulations, and to develop mitigation and affirmative action approaches where necessary.