Meet the partner

Meet the partner: Habitat International Coalition (HIC) – Housing and Land Rights Network

Habitat International Coalition (HIC) is an independent international non-profit Coalition of organisations and individuals working in the field of human settlements. Originally known as ‘The NGO Committee on Human Settlements’, it was organized in 1976 as a nongovernmental counterpart to the UN Commission on Human Settlements, and both emerged from the process of convening the first UN Habitat conference at Vancouver (Canada), in 1976.

HIC seeks to recognize, defend and fully implement everyone`s right to a secure place to live in peace and dignity, in all countries. The coalition also serves as a pressure group in defence of the rights of the homeless, poor and inadequately housed.

HIC members include over 450 NGOs, CBOs, academic and research institutions, civil society organisations and like-minded individuals, from 80 countries in both North and South. The binding factor is a shared set of objectives that shape HIC`s commitment to communities working to secure housing and improve their habitat conditions.