Meet the partner

Meet the Partner : Commonwealth Association of Surveying and Land Economy (CASLE)

The Commonwealth Association of Surveying and Land Economy (CASLE) is a federation of independent professional societies representing surveying and land economy in Commonwealth countries.

Founded in 1969, CASTLE supports the establishment and development of professional bodies in its field, and to set standards for all specializations in surveying, including land and marine surveying, quantity surveying, estate management and land economy.

CASTLE supports Commonwealth countries to acquire the quantity and quality of indigenous skills in surveying, land administration and management required to carry out their social and economic development programmes.

CASTLE seeks to:

  • Foster the development of the profession in all Commonwealth countries.
  • Foster appropriate standards of education for surveying and land economy and the establishment of appropriate facilities for education and training.
  • Help develop professional techniques and practices attuned to national needs.
  • Facilitate the transfer of technology within the Commonwealth and assisting national programmes of continuing professional development designed to keep surveyors up-to-date.
  • Encourage dialogue between its member societies and national governments on all matters of national policy on which the profession is competent to offer informed opinions and advice.

CASLE achieves these objectives through conferences and seminars, lecture tours, publications, manpower studies and direct advice to governments, universities, other educational bodies and its own member societies.