Meet the partner

Meet the Partner: Arab Union of Surveyors

Arab Union of Surveyors (AUS) is the umbrella organization that represents the interests of the profession of Surveying in the following countries: Egypt, Morocco, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Tunisia, Sultanate of Oman and Lebanon.

Founded in 2002, AUS seeks to improve and harmonize the profession of surveying in the Arab world and develop the cadastral systems for improving land management and real estate investment as an important part of the socio-economic development in the region.

AUS seeks to:

  • Organize and improve the profession of surveying in all the Arab countries
  • Participate in all scientific and professional studies in the field of Surveying and to work on making the practice of the profession science and technology-based
  • Prepare evaluations and report on the profession in the region
  • Support collaboration with the international federations and organizations such as FIG and CLGE.
  • Share experiences among the Arab specialists on technical and professional challenges
  • Establish and maintain a GIS database for the Arab region