Climate Change Adaptation: Community based Adaption in Multi Stakeholder Landscapes

Start date: December 7, 2017
End date: December 8, 2017
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Location: Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Climate change is amongst the most prominent developmental issues today. As a result, large amounts of capital are being made available to strengthen resilience and adaptive capacity of climate-vulnerable people, particularly in the global South. This conference will contribute to discussions about the role of communities in adaptation, as well as the position of other stakeholders (such as private or state actors) who often compete with involved communities over access to scarce natural resources, in view of the question: how to make adaptation interventions more participatory, inclusive and conflict-sensitive? This interactive seminar is a follow up from last year’s conference Climate Change Interventions as a Source of Conflict, Cooperation and New Mobilities.