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Regionally relevant case studies showing opportunities and gaps for surveying and climate’: Climate Compass Task Force Annual Meeting and Seminar Series Feb 2024

A revolutionary interactive seminar series for all surveyors interested in climate. Join to meet, learn, inspire and share your expertise.

The FIG Climate Compass Task Force is holding a series of three virtual seminars across different global time zones across February 20-22, 2024 with:
• Diverse global expert surveying/geospatial practitioners providing case studies of climate impacts and resilience
• Audience-driven brainstorming livescribed to inform the FIG Climate Compass Task Force’s latest FIG publication
• Extensive audience involvement and interactivity for learning, sharing and problem-solving discussions

We need your voice on how spatial intelligence, space technologies, digital transformation and innovation come together for surveyors for climate action. It’s about using geospatial technology and innovations to protect our planet by improving data capture, maintenance, modeling, analysis, maintenance and use for climate action.

Together, we will be defining and assessing what the big global land, carbon and biodiversity issues are that are relevant for surveyors working at national and local levels. This means thinking about what the legal, policy, financial, and capacity implications are for rolling out new solutions at the scale necessary. Opportunities will be identified for the development of the future of the surveying profession, including technical opportunities and how surveying education needs to be rethought.

There will be a total of three meetings held across the three major global time zones to reach all surveyors interested in climate no matter where around the world.

Registration links:
Tue Feb 20, 2024 0900 GMT: Europe/Africa (0900 CET start) Asia Pacific (1900 AEDT start)
Wed Feb 21, 2024 2300 GMT: Asia Pacific (0900 AEDT start) Americas (1700 EST start)
Thur Feb 22, 2024 1500 GMT: Americas (0900 EST start) Europe/Africa (1500 CET start)