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Teaching Essentials for Responsible Land Administration: Summary and guidance for education, research, and capacity development

The Teaching Essentials for Responsible Land Administration is a structured knowledge base on responsible land administration, developed by the Global Land Tool Network. The knowledge base consists of six modules, each about 70 pages long, and covers all the key aspects of responsible land administration. The six modules are available in English and French on the GLTN e-learning platform, They are aimed primarily at universities and training institutions that offer courses on various aspects of land administration in the developing world.
The six modules are:
• Core values and principles of responsible land administration
• Land-tenure security
• Participatory land-use planning and management
• Responsible land administration and information in practice
• Land-based finance
• Land policy and regulatory frameworks.
This guide is an abridged version of the Teaching essentials. It provides an introduction to responsible land administration, a summary of each of the six modules, and guidance on how to use the modules for e-learning, university education, research activities, capacity development and training, and professional practice. It also offers recommendations for applying the principles of responsible land administration at the country level.