Evaluation of the Arab region programme on good land governance

The Arab Land Initiative of the Global Land Tool Network just released an independent evaluation report of its ‘Arab Region Programme on Good Land Governance in Support of Inclusive Development, Peace and Stability’. Funded by the German government through BMZ from 2019 for four years, the Programme contributed to good land governance in the Arab region through increasing alignment, coordination and collaboration, developing knowledge and capacities, and catalysing land-related interventions at country level.

The independent evaluation states that: “The Arab region is politically complicated and faces many challenges such as conflict, war, drought and poverty, all inextricably linked to land. Over the last four years, the initial work of the Arab Land Initiative has been extended by the Arab Land Programme on good land governance in support of inclusive development, peace and stability. This provided catalytic funding to develop the land portfolio. One of its biggest successes has been tabling land as a fundamental issue which underlies man of the region’s challenges emphasizing the contribution of the land sector to building peace and gender equity in the region. This has been followed by developing activities to increase awareness and collaboration and build capacity. Despite having limited resources and only operating over a relatively short period of time, the first phase has achieved great successes in many respects. This includes raising the issues around, and importance of, land governance and tenure security. Now that the issue has been identified and defined, a network of key stakeholders in the sector built, and a repository of relevant material developed, it is important to take this further and a Phase 2 is strongly recommended. It will be important to focus attention on the core issues, consolidate learning and experiences, and deepen engagement with decision-makers and implementers, to see concrete positive results”.

Download and read the full report and its recommendations for future programming.

Arab region programme on good land governance_evaluation