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Mainstreaming Land Rights in the UNGPs

A situationer on the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights in selected countries in Asia

2021 marks ten years since the UN Human Rights Council unanimously endorsed the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs). While many accomplishments have been achieved since 2011, much is still left to be desired. The UNGPs present an opportunity for land rights advocacies to remain at the center of national and regional policy discussions, especially in the context of globalization and the persistence of the land rush in Asia. However, National Action Plans (NAPs) on Business and Human Rights (BHR) remain absent in most countries in Asia, and civil society organizations have constantly observed that land rights appear as a secondary topic during BHR discussions.

This publication “Mainstreaming Land Rights in the UNGPs”  details civil society’s interventions on highlighting land rights in pursuit of implementing the UNGPs. Included are a summary of the status of implementation of the UNGPs and civil society recommendations on including land rights in NAPs, as well as the summary report on the Online Regional Workshop on Mainstreaming Land Rights in the UNGPs in Asia. This journal also contains the ANGOC network’s contributions to the UN CESCR’s General Comment on Land and Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights, which aims to clarify obligations of States in matters involving land and tenure governance.

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