LAND journal: Invitation to submit to a special issue “Land Perspectives: People, Tenure, Planning, Tools, Space, and Health”

A broad knowledge gap exists on the land-water-forest–people–health–wellbeing nexus of land and natural resource management/administration research and practicee. There is therefore the need to probe these practices in the context of people, tenure, planning, tools, space, and health — whether in developed or developing countries.
Prof Uchendu Eugene Chigbu of the Department of Land and Property Sciences, Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) and Co-chair of the International Training and Research Cluster of the GLTN invites all stakeholders in the global land sector to disseminate their research and practical experiences through the Special Issue “Land Perspectives: People, Tenure, Planning, Tools, Space, and Health” of the journal LAND.
LAND is an international and crossdisciplinary peer-reviewed open access journal of land use/land change, land management, land system science, landscape, soil-sediment-water systems, urban contexts and urban-rural interactions, and land–climate interactions, etc, published monthly online by MDPI.
Prof Chigbu is the Chief Guest Editor of this Special Issue.