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Stories of Change – Global Land Tool Network Phase 2

GLTN is proud to announce a new publication Stories of Change, Global Land Tool Network Phase 2. This publication is a collection of stories that illustrate outcomes of selected projects from the GLTN Phase 2 programme 2012-2018at both global and country levels. The publication talks about changes at institutional and policy levels, as well as changes in attitudes and behaviour among decision makers and communities when it comes to dealing with the issues of land and tenure security.

Through these stories we  demonstrate how GLTN partnerships and catalytic interventions led to changes and improved lives of disadvantaged populations in different contexts, for example: improving basic services in informal urban settlements, improving rural livelihoods, strengthening land rights for women in customary lands, supporting post-disaster reconstruction  efforts, mediating land conflicts and supporting peace and stability efforts in post-conflict contexts.

Through this publication, we demonstrate the power of partnership to build consensus on key global land tenure issues and to drive change at policy and decision-making levels.

We invite you to read and share the publication in your networks.