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Scoping Paper on the Readiness of National Statistics Offices to Report on SDG Indicator 1.4.2 in Eight Asian Countries

Type of Publication : Scoping Paper
Publisher : ANGOC
Editor(s) : Antonio Quizon, Nathaniel Don Marquez, Timothy Salomon

Compared to any other previous periods, land and agriculture today are more focused in the global development agenda more than ever. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) towards 2030 state that “secure rights to land, property, and other assets” are a key building block in reducing poverty. In order to measure land tenure security, one specific indicator has been placed under Goal 1, Target 1.4.2: Proportion of total adult population with secure tenure rights to land, with legally-recognized documentation, and who perceive their rights to land as secure, by sex and type of tenure.
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