The New GLTN Steering Committee

On the 7th and 8th of February, the Global Land Tool Network (GLTN) will host the inaugural meeting of its new Steering Committee in Stockholm, Sweden.

This meeting represents an important moment in the growth, governance and development of GLTN. The new team, who will meet for the first time at this event, will decide on the best options for implementing the 2019 work plan. In an evolving and dynamic land sector supported by clear mandates on land from the New Urban Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goal’s, the Steering Committee has a genuine opportunity to strengthen GLTN’s knowledge leadership on tenure security. By leveraging its diverse and experienced partner driven membership, the committee can make a real contribution to empowering all key stakeholders at global and country levels to deliver security of tenure for all at scale, as per GLTN’s Phase 3 Strategy’s aspiration.

The meeting will involve a technical working day reflecting on the lessons and achievements of GLTN Phase 2 and how these can inform and strengthen the Network’s responses to emerging challenges and opportunities in the land sector to successfully deliver its proposed targets. Day 2 is the official Steering Committee meeting which will be chaired by UN-Habitat’s new Deputy Executive Director and appointed representative to the Committee, Mr Victor Kisob.

The Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA), a long-time partner and donor of GLTN and UN-Habitat, will host the event at their offices in Stockholm, Sweden. SIDA and the other GLTN partners’ on-going commitments to land and sustainable development are highly appreciated.

The third phase of GLTN commenced in January 2019 and heralds a new era for the Network. This new Phase 3 is part of a dynamic Strategy (2018-2030) focusing on upscaled impact and achieving secure tenure for all and aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals and the New Urban Agenda. The governance arrangements have been strengthened and streamlined. There is a new Partnership Charter and a partner driven Steering Committee consisting of elected representatives from all the key sector groups in the Network as well as UN-Habitat and member state representatives.

The meeting will be attending by strategic development partners, the new cluster leads from each key sector group within the Network and guests from Swedish land agencies.  The key outcomes from this inaugural meeting will be communicated post the event on the GLTN website.


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