Habitat for Humanity’s Solid Ground Campaign Celebrates Ongoing Successes

Photo: Quezon City, the Philippines. Photo: Habitat for Humanity

By Anne Myers, Advocacy Campaigns Director – Habitat for Humanity

We are over half way through our four-year campaign—wow, time has flown so quickly— and we are excited to share some recent updates!

Solid Ground, in partnership with 17 global campaign partners, is now striving to change policies and systems to improve access to land in 41 countries around the world. We are thrilled to welcome the most recent additions: Liberia, Haiti and Jamaica.

To date, over 2.7 million people have been directly impacted or have the potential to be impacted from policies and systems changed from Brazil to the Philippines and many countries in between. Most recently, in Argentina, Habitat for Humanity advocated for fair rental policy and helped to influence legislation ensuring lower fees associated with renting for 1 million people!

Habitat for Humanity Côte d’Ivoire supported the implementation and monitoring of a new system for issuing land documentation that has already issued 5,500 land record cards—increasing security of tenure for more than 27,000 people. And in Nepal, Habitat for Humanity and partner organizations recently helped 500 families, who were displaced by severe flooding, gain access to land and funding for housing.

We’ve come a long way and look forward to what we will accomplish in the remainder of the campaign – and the work that will continue beyond!