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Valuation of Unregistered Lands : A Policy Guide

Valuation of Unregistered Lands : A Policy Guide

In many developing countries, only 30 per cent of land rights are registered. This publication aims to support developing countries that have unregistered lands to be able to value these lands. It is intended for policy makers, valuation practitioners, other land professionals and various stakeholders involved in the valuation of unregistered lands. It highlights the need to address the challenges related to valuing unregistered lands.

This publication provides key principles and policy guidance for people to progressively undertake valuations of unregistered lands. It is intended to assist in the achievement of professional level valuations of unregistered lands and enable users of this guide to discern when this has been achieved. Lessons learnt and solutions should be documented leading to detailed manuals on how to better value unregistered land in the future and thereby significantly contribute to sustainable development objectives.

The guide serves to strengthen the implementation of the continuum of land rights a key tool to strengthening security of tenure for all. Governments, policy makers, the valuation industry, practitioners, capacity development institutions and other interested parties should use this guide to help achieve the SDG goals of conflict prevention, food security, gender equity and sustainable urban and rural development.

Author:  Mike McDermott
Co-authors:  Matt Myers and Clarissa Augustinus
Coordinators: Danilo Antonio, Agatha Wanyonyi, Cyprian Selebalo and Solomon Haile
Editing and Layout: Victoria Quinlan, Stefanie Freccia
Sponsors: The Netherlands Government, Norwegian Government and Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency


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