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From the Farmland to the Table: Exploring the Links Between Tenure and Food Security

This publication  is the culmination of the project: “Piloting and consolidation of the Food Security Framework,” launched in September 2016. With the support of the Global Land Tool Network (GLTN) through its rural CSO cluster, the main goal of the project is to conduct an exploratory study on establishing the link of land tenure to food security.

This publication contains a regional overview of the community studies, the edited version of the community study conducted in Cambodia, the abridged versions of the community studies conducted in Nepal and Philippines, and the guide questions used in the focus group discussions. The studies were presented during the Regional Forum on Continuum of Land Rights and Food Security held at Quezon City, Philippines last 16
October 2017. The authors met on the following day to finalize the papers based on the inputs from the regional forum.
This work forms part of ANGOC’s contribution to the discourse on access to land as a key intervention in addressing food insecurity in rural Asia.

Author(s) : ANGOC
Publish Date : 2017

Publisher : ANGOC

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