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Understanding, preventing and solving land conflicts. A practical guide and toolbox

The ‘Understanding, preventing and solving land conflicts. A practical guide and toolbox’ was prepared to practitioners who are confronted with land conflicts in the course of their work or are in a position to prevent them and/or include land governance as one pillar in post-conflict policies. It aims to broaden the understanding of the complexity of causes that lead to land conflicts in order to provide for better-targeted ways of addressing such conflicts. It also provides a number of tools with which to analyse land disputes.

The successful analysis is seen as a vital step towards their eventual settlement. In addition, this guidebook discusses a wide variety of options and tools for settling ongoing land conflicts and for preventing new ones. The guide also includes a chapter on the role of land in (violent) conflict and peacebuilding and it presents a broad range of good practices from a project level. The guide provides useful gender-sensitive training material that can be used for specific lectures on land disputes as well as in general courses on land administration and land management. For this purpose, a complementary training manual has been developed that enables trainers to prepare lectures and seminars on the issue.’