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Conceptual Framework for the Development of Global Land Indicators

Conceptual Framework for the Development of Global Land Indicators


Through a series of consultations in 2012-16 amongst land professionals and development practitioners from civil society, UN and donor agencies, research institutions and independent experts, GLII has developed a set of harmonized land indicators intended to measure progress towards tenure security and better land governance at country level and globally. As a result, GLII has become established and continues to develop as a stakeholder platform for knowledge generation and learning on land monitoring. GLII platform members alongside the Global Donor Working Group on Land (GDWGL) and other agencies contributed strongly to secure the inclusion of land indicators in the framework for monitoring progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

The GLII set of 15 nationally applicable and global comparable land indicators goes beyond the provisions for tracking the SDG land indicators to cover four key areas of land governance: land tenure security; land disputes and conflicts; land administration services; and sustainable land use management. In collaboration with platform members, GLII has developed a series of working papers on land monitoring; facilitated the development and piloting of methodology and tools for data collection on tenure security in several countries in Africa; and developed a Training Curriculum on Methodology for Data Collection and Reporting on Land Indicators fostering global learning and knowledge sharing on land monitoring.

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