Meet the partner

Meet the partner : Groupe de recherche et d’echanges technologiques (GRET)

Founded in 1976, Groupe de recherche et d’echanges technologiques (GRET) is an international development NGO, governed by French law, which acts from work on the ground all the way up influencing policy, with the aim of providing durable and innovative answers to the challenges of poverty and inequalities.

As fighting against poverty and inequalities requires the best skills, GRET defends a professional approach to solidarity and enhances the development sector with knowledge and innovative solutions. It believes that populations and citizens are stakeholders in their development and works with them, promoting the dignity of citizens rather than aid, the strengthening of capacities rather than substitution, contribution to public policies rather than recycling of unsuitable models, and working with the economic sector rather than sterile opposition.

Through expert studies, coordination of networks and the production of references based on its practice, GRET disseminates knowledge, know-how and methods that have been tried & tested in the field to influence the policies and practices of the future for fairer development. It places specific focus on transparency and stringent management, which inspires confidence in its partners in developed and developing countries, and in its public, association and corporate funders.