Meet the partner

Meet the partner : Institute for International Urban Development (I2UD)

Institute for International Urban Development (I2UD) is a non-profit organization specializing in urban planning to address issues of: climate change adaptation; historic preservation; municipal management and finance; regional and cross-border cooperation; and access to land, housing and services for low-income communities.

IU2D seeks to identify urban trends and develop solutions to new challenges. The organization brings together communities, governments, and development organizations  to  integrate  urban planning  and  management  into their  programs  and  encourage  less  powerful  local  actors  to  have a  voice.  It brings together experienced urban development educators that integrate training and mentoring into their work and also offer tailored executive training courses.

IU2D’s unique approach that builds a bridge across policy, research and practice to manage and guide sustainable urbanization practices emphasizes participatory, implementation-oriented strategies that enable local authorities to analyze, visualize and present strategies and plans.

IU2D seeks sustainability when development pressures threaten the integrity of a city’s architectural and cultural heritage by developing management strategies that revitalize and preserve historic sites while continuing to support urban development.