Meet the partner

Meet the partner : Technical University Munich (TUM)

The Technical University of Munich(TUM – Technische Universität München) is a German research university founded in 1868. TUM’s  faculty of Civil, Geo and Environmental Engineering offers Bachelor’s degree courses and the corresponding, follow-up Master’s degree course in the following four spheres: Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Geodesy and Geo-information as well as Geology.

Experts in geodesy and geoinformation capture the human environment by surveying it and depicting it in the form of maps ; in doing so, they portray, arrange and register the world according to fixed characteristics and thus contribute towards its shaping and alteration. To perform these tasks, surveyors develop, use and investigate the most appropriate tools and procedures.

The Technical University of Munich has been developing the Land Use Planning tool in collaboration with the GLTN and other partners. Through collaboration with the GLTN, TUM has actively added its voice in advocating for pro-poor and gender-responsive land policies through the dissemination of research and findings. The partnership has also given the credence to TUM’s vision for internationalization while helping to further its entrepreneurial approach to contributing to improvements and awareness of the current global challenges on land.

TUM has established and strengthened its networks with individuals and organizations that are committed to answering the land question. This is besides the direct and indirect capacity development opportunities afforded to TUM through invitations and participations in GLTN expert meetings and workshops.