STDM Version 1.4 full release now available.

We are pleased to announce the latest major release of the Social Tenure Domain Model.

STDM version 1.4 is a full release which includes enhanced functionality and extensive stability improvements. One distinctive highlight is the complete redesign of the database customization module which not only improves the stability of the system but also provides more flexibility that enables for more data types to be defined by the user.

The user manual has also been restructured to incorporate more use cases in the respective sub-sections. The full list of improvements can be found in this changelog.

This release provides a better, more robust and feature-filled STDM experience.

We invite you to explore the newrelease and share with us our thoughts and suggestions. We shall incorporate the feedback into regular version releases, along with bug fixes and new features.

We acknowledge the invaluable feedback provided by our Partners, by rigorously testing and validating the tool during the developmental and implementation stages of STDM.