Meet the partner

Meet the partner : Protimos

Protimos was founded by a group of international lawyers, in London in 2002. Its network grew in succeeding years, and it now includes sister organisations in Lesotho, South Africa and USA.

Protimos works by creating local legal teams who can offer the full range of legal processes, making those processes accessible to impoverished communities who thus become enabled to assert their rights over their resources, in particular where those concern land usage and related issues. Their work includes a range of community legal empowerment projects.

In congruence with GLTN’s Continuum of Land Rights Approach, Protimos recognizes that land rights in many developing countries cannot effectively be distilled into formal land tenure models where no account has been taken of other customary and informal land rights models. Protimos works on the cross disciplinary development of model agreements in which measurable community inclusion, and participatory engagement are key concerns.