Meet the partner

Meet the Partner : International Union for Land Value Taxation (IU)

International Union for Land Value Taxation (IU), is an international umbrella organisation for land value tax reformers. It has members in 35 countries around the world – activists, politicians, professionals and academics, and some 70 national and local organisations. Founded in 1926, the IU seeks to promote sustainable prosperity for all via public finance policy reform by “stimulating in all countries a public opinion favourable to permanent peace and prosperity for all people, through the progressive removal of the basic economic causes of poverty and war”.

The IU’s work is guided by principles of equal freedom and sharing of common resources of community and nature. Specifically, towards the realisation of its objectives, the IU “favours the raising of public revenues by public collection of the rental value of land apart from improvements”; and, further, favours “the abolition of taxes, tariffs, or imposts of every sort that interfere with the free production and exchange of wealth”.