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Training Package Trainers Guide: Tools to support Transparency in Land Administration

Training Package - Trainers Guide: Tools to support Transparency in Land Administration 2013

tp-trainersThis publication forms a part of a two volume training package on Tools to Improve Transparency in Land Administration. The training package comprises a Training Toolkit and a Trainers’ Guide. The first provides content and the latter training methods. The publication is a product of a series of training workshops implemented across Sub-Saharan Africa, South and South East Asia. Under the leadership of the GLTN/UN-Habitat, the training brought together six universities from the global South and one from Europe. Much of the content compiled in the publication was produced by highly experienced experts drawn from these universities. The content was used, critiqued and revised in the course of implementing the training. Practitioners from each region were also identified to write region specific case studies that facilitated problem based learning and contextualized the training.

A consultant conducted additional research to find and incorporate content and case studies which enhanced the global flavor of the content. The publication pulls together all these resources and provides generic content, case studies and indicative methodological guidance that allow designing and implementing country or specific training without or with very minimal support of experts from the GLTN/UN-Habitat and ITC of the University of Twente.

Principal authors: Chris Paresi, Solomon Haile, Melissa Permezel, Seth Asiama, W ilbard Kombe, Jane Gold, Arbind Tuladhar

Co-authors: Nfally Badiane, Roch Mongbo, Alain Bagré, Fidelis Kanyongolo, Augustine Mulolwa, Raynold Moyo, Lajana Manandhar, Reshma Shrestha, Buddhi N. Shrestha, Muhammad Ayaz Raja Khan, Muzaffarabad, Salma A. Shafi,  Shyamalie Perera, Trias Aditya and Floradema C. Eleazar

Sponsors: The Norwegian Government and Swedish International Development Cooperation Agenc