GLTN Secretariat seeks experts to carry out a Mid-Term Review of the GLTN Phase 2 programme

GLTN Secretariat is currently recruiting an external evaluation team to conduct a Mid-Term Review of the GLTN Phase 2 programme. This independent team will be comprised of a lead evaluation consultant who will be supported by a land expert. The review is a critical activity that will seek to establish the progress made in the implementation of the GLTN Phase 2 Programme (2012-2015). The findings will inform the planning and decision making for the remaining period of the programme and recommend improvements for better achievement of results. We are looking for experienced professionals who have post graduate qualifications in their respective areas of expertise. They should also be able to lead and manage cross-cutting thematic evaluations, possess good analytical skills and be willing to travel on missions within Africa.
If you are interested in being part of the GLTN Mid-Term Review team, click on the vacancy announcements below:

Consultancy: Lead Evaluator for the GLTN Mid-Term Review

Consultancy: Land Expert for the GLTN Mid-Term Review

Please circulate the vacancy announcement widely.