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How to establish a land sector non-state actors mechanism

How to establish a land sector non-state actors mechanism


Non-state actors are non-sovereign entities that exercise significant economic, political, or social power and influence at a national, and in some cases, international level. This guide outlines the factors that influence the set up and effective operation of a non-state actor mechanism in the land sector, particularly during a land reform process. Non-state actors (NSA) for the purpose of this guide include civil society organizations, the private sector and professional associations. A land sector non-state actor (LSNSA) mechanism is a means by which a group of NSAs coordinates their interventions and support to enhance their impact in the land sector, particularly during land reform processes. The guide is not intended to be a blueprint for a non-state actor mechanism, but it is expected to provide viable ways to establish such a mechanism and to inform decision-makers engaged in the land sector, including national governments, bilateral and multilateral implementing agencies, about LSNSAs and their value-adding in land reform processes.

Authors: Clarissa Augustinus, Cyprian Selebalo, Mary Gachocho, Smita Sanghrajka

Sponsors; Government of Sweden


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