Cities Alliance – Know Your City: Information for Transformation


Cities Alliance Now Accepting Applications for its Catalytic Fund (CATF) focused on the theme…

“Know Your City: Information for Transformation”

Deadline: 30 June 2014



One of the partnership’s three main business lines, CATF grants support projects that catalyse city transformation and enhance innovation and learning. Proposed projects must:

  • Meet the objectives of the CATF and fall within the scope of the Cities Alliance Charter
  • Be implemented in countries on the OECD DAC List of Aid Recipients. If this call for proposals is over-subscribed, preference will be given to those countries where the Cities Alliance does not have a significant existing programme/set of activities. The Cities Alliance has a significant existing programme/set of activities in Burkina Faso, Ghana, Mozambique, Uganda and Vietnam.
  • Limit grant size requests to US $50,000 – US $200,000. Co-financing is strongly encouraged.
  • Be sponsored by at least one Cities Alliance member. However, multiple sponsors are strongly encouraged. Sponsorship(s) must be secured prior to submission of the proposed project. Proponent and sponsor(s) must discuss and endorse the Concept Note of the proposed project including the role of the sponsor(s) prior to submission. Support documentation will need to be provided.

How to Apply

  • All proposals must be submitted by midnight 30 June 2014, Central European Time.
  • Use the Cities Alliance Concept Note template, which is available in English, French and Spanish at
  • Concept Notes must provide all of the information and supported documentation requested.
  • Submit your application via e-mail to the Cities Alliance Secretariat at

Why Know Your City?

The Cities Alliance believes strongly that a better knowledge of cities, and innovative and collaborative ways to generate such information, will help bridge the engagement, information and accountability gaps between city governments and their citizens. It will also help support future good governance and planning processes.

Focus Areas

Proposals are requested along any one of five focus areas of the Know Your City theme. In addition, all proposals will need to demonstrate how gender will be mainstreamed through the planned activities. The five focus areas are:

  1. Know your city finances and assets. Proposals to increase citizens’ involvement in municipal finance systems and understanding of the link between revenues and service delivery, economic data, transparency and trust.
  2. Know your citizens. Proposals to develop public engagement mechanisms to enhance city governance accountability, and use data and technology to fill knowledge and accountability gaps between the city and its citizens.
  3. Know ALL of your city and its constituencies. Proposals to produce innovative tools, methodologies and processes that define, map and quantify slums as well as specific slum constituencies with particular needs.
  4. Know the future potential of your city. Proposals to identify information needed to effectively manage cities, and develop and test interdisciplinary methodologies to capture citywide information, integrate data and generate practical solutions.
  5. Know the emerging issues. Proposals to innovate data collection, tools and processes on any issue with future pivotal significance for cities. Must feature strong participatory processes and strengthen transparency, accountability and trust among constituencies.

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