EGM: Slum Upgrading Using Participatory and Inclusive Land Readjustment: Defining The Rules of the Game

Executive Summary

Following the first consultative workshop on Participatory and Inclusive Land Readjustment (PILaR) for Participatory Slum Upgrading and Prevention (Nairobi, August 2013), the aim of this EGM was to further document existing slum upgrading experiences that have attempted to be citywide and systematic through the institutional strengthening of the land systems in innovative ways (using, for example, land readjustment); also to exchange knowledge and experiences among experts and partners in order to advance in the guide design improve the definition of guidelines and specific technical support addressed to PSUP countries, especially those in Phase II – when countries define Participatory Action Plans and Programmes Formulation. A third objective was to engage and commit experts on the development of the methodology and support to PSUP countries on this matter.

The EGM gathered 10 experts from France, Brazil, Colombia, India, South Africa, Thailand, two high level officials from Uganda en Rwanda and several UN colleagues that participated in the discussion.

The main outcomes of the EGM were

  1. engagement of expert on the support to PSUP countries on slum upgrading using LR and in the development of the guidelines,
  2. the formation of a group of discussion for the promotion and performance of land readjustment in urban informal areas of PSUP countries,
  3. documentation of cases.

The group will continue working together and with the PSUP countries better prepared and most interested in carrying out slums upgrading at national level using LR and other land value capture instruments (Uganda, Rwanda, Namibia, Fiji).

Many of them will attend and support the Roundtable on LR under preparation for WUF7.

A dissemination and training programme on how to do slum upgrading and prevention using Land Readjustment and other land value capture instruments will be developed in Nairobi. We will keep you informed about the activity in advance hoping that you join it.

Find in this link the expert’s presentations. We hope the material is useful for the design and implementation of your slum upgrading and prevention strategies.

Expert Group Meeting Presentations

  1. Case Sessions
    1. Participatory and Inclusive Community Land Readjustment in Huambo Angola
    2. Slum Planning Schemes: A Statutory Framework for Establishing Secure Tenure and Improving Living Conditions in Indian Slums
    3. Emergency Assistance: The experience of the reconstruction of Armenia
    4. Juan Bobo
    5. The Colombianita
    6. Land Tenure Security and Creating Sustainable Housing Finance Schemes – Thailand
    7. Land Readjustment: a review of Colombian experience
    8. Slum Upgrading using Land Value Capture Instruments in Brazil: Achievements and challenges
  2. General Overview
    1. From Conventional Slum Upgrading to Slum Upgrading At Scale Using PILaR, PSUP-GLTN
    2. Initiated by the ACP Secretariat and financed by the European Commission
  3. Group Activity
    1. Guide-Methodology Outline: Key Questions Group Activity 1
    2. Guide-Methodology Outline: Draft Key Points
  4. Strategic Session
    1. Slum Upgrading at Scale Using LR: Preliminary Proposal from Rwanda
    2. Initiated by the ACP Secretariat and financed by the European Commission: Slums / 2
    3. Slum upgrading at Scale Using LR: Preliminary Proposals from Uganda
  5. Thematic Session
    1. Land readjustment in Slums: governance, legal and institutional requirements
    2. Land Readjustment in Colombia
    3. Reflections on the Sustainability of Land Administration Reforms
    4. Land Systems in Informal Settlements
    5. Land readjustment in slums: legal issues in implementing PILaR
    6. Land readjustment, Brazilian Urban Land Tools and Slum Upgrading: A Possible Combination?
    7. The Participatory and Inclusive elements of (PILaR)
    8. The Move from LR to PILaR: Some insights on policies, practices, etc that PILAR will likely change in Slum Upgrading