Urban Legal Network (ULN)

UN Habitat

Welcome to UN Habitat’s new Urban Legal Network (ULN)!

ULN aims to become a leading global Network that promotes the exchange of urban legal knowledge in the field of urban development.

ULN will be a global focal point for:

  • Urban legal knowledge and idea exchange,
  • Urban legislation best practice and tools, and,
  • Urban legal partnerships and experts in the urban legislation field.

The Network is based on the belief that good urban legal knowledge and robust urban legislation are fundamental for developing innovative, inclusive and productive cities. Importantly, good urban legislation is vital for improving the lives of everyday people within cities and is thus fundamental to urban planning and development initiatives.

If decision makers, planners, organizations and citizens in cities have access to this knowledge in one spot, they can use and adapt this information to strengthen their specific urban contexts.

ULN is hosted by UN Habitat and reflects the Agency’s new mandate to enhance the role of urban legal knowledge and practice in the process of solving urban issues and building better urban futures. As part of the new Urban Legislation Unit, ULN will therefore be an ongoing project to improve knowledge and resources and partnerships in the urban legal field.

Why don’t you become a member?

Give us feedback on your ideas for ULN and what possibilities we could consider and explore.

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