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Designing a Land Records System for the Poor

Designing a Land Records System for the Poor

designing-records-for-the-poorDesigning a Land Records System for the Poor is the first attempt to fill the gaps in the development of new forms of land recordation to assist the implementation of a continuum of land rights approach at scale. It is about the development of the initial design of a pro-poor land recordation system - a recording system aimed at supporting the recognition and protection of a range of rights of the poor.

This publication emphasizes a co-management approach where the community performs a greater role in the design and management of the system. The design also highlights affordability, legitimacy and credibility as key requirements for success. However, it also recognizes that more work and studies are needed to enhance the design and better inform its implementation.

Authors : Jaap Zevenbergen

Co-authors : Clarissa Augustinus, Danilo Antonio

Contributors : Jean-Paul Decorps, Mohamed El-Sioufi, Leon Verstappen, Rebecca Sittie, Philippe Lavigne Delville, Ibere Lopes, Robert Mitchell, Peter Rabley, Jude Wallace, Lionel Galliez, Stephanie Zecevic, Willy Giacchino and Elena Bevilacqua

Sponsors : The Norwegian Government and Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency

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