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Actionaid: People’s Action in Practice (Eng – 2012)

paipThis resource book was compiled and drafted by David Archer, with support from an evolving editorial team which included: Anne Jellema, Biranchi Upadhyaya, Birte Hald, Ennie Chipembere, Everjoice Win, Jagat Patnaik, James Beale, Kate Carroll, Laurie Adams and Phebeans Oriaro Weya.

An earlier version of the first part of this resource book was developed in 2010 by Samantha Hargreaves (lead writer), with support from KumKum Kumar, Shamim Meer, Laurie Adams, Adriano Campolina, Ramesh Singh, Sandeep Chachra, Anil Pant, Ennie Chipembere and Carrie Pratt.

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