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Securing Land Rights for Indigenous People in Cities

Securing Land Rights for Indigenous People in Cities


Policy Guide to Secure Land Rights for Indigenous Peoples in Cities

This Policy Guide provides policy-makers with the necessary knowledge about the challenges and rights of Indigenous peoples in relation to land and property in the urban context. The Guide sets out how to secure land rights of Indigenous peoples in cities through a human rights framework in the context of urbanization, including migration and urban expansion.

This Policy Guide to Secure Land Rights for Indigenous Peoples in Cities builds on earlier guides and is part of a series of UN-HABITAT handbooks focused on the rights of Indigenous peoples. The first policy guide entitled, “Housing Indigenous Peoples in Cities: Urban Policy Guides for Indigenous Peoples” was published in 2009, followed by a report entitled, Urban Indigenous Peoples and Migration: A review of Policies, Programmes and Practices, published in 2010 and launched at the Fifth Session of the World Urban Forum in Rio de Janeiro.

Researched and drafted by: Celeste McKay and Leilani Farha

Contributors: Christophe Lalande, Claudio Acioly, Matthew French, Remy Sietchiping, Mary Gachocho,Florian Bruyas

Sponsors: Governments of Canada, Sweden and Norway

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