Meet the partner

Meet the Partner : International Alliance on Land Tenure and Administration (IALTA)

International Alliance on Land Tenure and Administration (IALTA) is an alliance that facilitates and coordinates interdisciplinary research programmes on legal, policy and institutional improvements for the protection and enhancement of land rights and livelihoods and sustainable utilization of natural resources and rural-urban development of the poor.

IALTA contributes to global initiatives on sustainable land administration among members to share knowledge and data and to inform land policy-making processes. It strives to offer tailor-made solutions to address the gaps in the dynamics between land tenure, governance and sustainable development in land administration.

IALTA brings together researchers on land tenure, land administration and land law to conduct innovative interdisciplinary and comparative research to empower people and institutions for the protection and enhancement of people’s rights and livelihood and for the sustainable utilization of resources.

Membership into IALTA affords the following opportunities:

  • systematic and consolidated access to and publication of research data and other relevant information (papers, projects, documents, articles);
  • organizing conferences, meetings, and workshops to promote knowledge sharing and exchange of experiences;
  • keeping abreast of updated information on projects, events and teaching activities;
  • linking with other groups working on land-related issues;
  • participating in a worldwide discussion forum comprising experts in land-related issues;
  • collaborating in developing and implementing research projects, teaching and academic research exchange programmes;
  • contributing to tailor-made technical training and capacity building programmes for land practitioners;
  • providing technical advisory services to international development organizations and governments.