Meet the partner

Meet the partner : University of Twente, Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (ITC)


ITC is the University of Twente’s Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation

Our mission is to develop capacity particularly in less developed countries and to utilize geospatial solutions to deal with national and global problems.

Our vision is that spatial solutions will play an increasingly important role in meeting many of mankind’s complex challenges (often wicked problems) such as climate change, population growth and related claims for sufficient and secure food, water,  energy, health, land and housing provision.

Therefore, our goal is to enhance our standing as an internationally recognized knowledge hub in the spatial domain renowned for its collaborative educational and research activities particularly in the global South. ITC offers degree diploma and certificate courses in geo-information science and earth observation in several domains.

ITC Master’s Geo-information Science and Earth Observation takes an application-oriented approach to collecting, processing, analyzing and visualizing spatial data. Students have the following specializations to choose from:

  • Applied Remote Sensing for Earth Sciences
  • Geoinformatics
  • Land Administration
  • Natural Hazards and Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Natural Resources Management
  • Urban Planning and Management
  • Water Resources and Environmental Management
  • Tailor-made specialization