Meet the partner

Meet the Partner : Korea Land and Geospatial InformatiX Corporation (LX Corporation)

Formerly known as the Korea Cadastral Survey Corporation, Korea Land and Geospatial Informatix Corporation (aka LX Corporation) was renamed in June 2015 to fulfill its role as the national agency representing Korea in handling spatial information. The predecessor, established in 1977, was responsible for national cadastral surveys, protection of the property rights of the people, and effective management of the territory.

Besides the above, the LX Corporation is also in charge of public functions for the development of the spatial information sector. Its roles include the consolidation of the sector with the other industries and the popularization of information and communication technology services based on location and geospatial information. It extends its services and expertise at international level as well by providing professional and technical services on land administration, registration, geo-information and management.