Meet the partner

Meet the Partner : Statens Kartverk (Norwegian Mapping Authority, Cadastre and Land Registry)

The Norwegian Mapping Authority bears nationwide responsibility for geographical information, operates the national property registry and undertakes all property registration in Norway.

The Norwegian Mapping Authority collates, systemises, manages and communicates public geographical information. In practice, this means that the Norwegian Mapping Authority is responsible for and provides the following:

  • National geodetic frame: the Norwegian Mapping Authority is responsible for the ratified framework on which mapping and measuring work in Norway is based.
  • Positioning services: services for determining accurate, satellite-based positions.
  • Digital maps: the Norwegian Mapping Authority produces and manages national digital map series (land maps and nautical charts).
  • Printed maps: national map series (land maps and nautical charts) and publications (maritime).
  • Land registry: property rights registration for fixed property and flats in cooperative housing.
  • Property information: the Norwegian Mapping Authority operates the national registry for public property information (the New Cadastre and the land registry).
  • Place names: administers the National Place Name Register.
  • Standards: national standards for maps and geographical information.
  • PRIMAR ENC Service: has operational responsibility for Primar, the international electronic navigational chart service.

The Norwegian Mapping Authority also plays an important role as the nationwide coordinator of geodata, which involves establishing and coordinating work with the national geographical infrastructure within Norway. This means working closely with municipalities and other public sector suppliers and users of geographical information via Norway Digital.