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Designing and Evaluating Land Tools with a Gender Perspective (2011)

Designing and Evaluating Land Tools with a Gender Perspective (2011)

A Training Package for Land Professionals


It cannot be assumed that women and men benefit in the same way from initiatives in the land sector. Depending on the political, economic and cultural context, it is often women, and particularly poor women, who face significant barriers in obtaining land. The Gender Evaluation Criteria has been developed as a practical tool to systematically measure the impact of land tools and interventions on women and men, so that one has concrete evidence on their gender dimensions.
This training course on “Designing and evaluating land tools with a gender perspective” has been developed as a complementary package to the Gender Evaluation Criteria, in order to build capacity around how to apply the criteria in practice. It has been designed specifically to enable land professionals to independently use the criteria in their work.



Authors:  Siraj Sait, Britta Peters, åsa Jonsson Contributors: Diane Dumashie, Joe Hooper, Solomon Haile 
Sponsors: Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Swedish International Development Cooperation

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