IFAD – UN-Habitat Partnership: Phase I

UN-Habitat, through the Global Land Tool Network (GLTN), has entered into a partnership with IFAD to implement a project called the ‘Land and Natural Resources Learning Initiative for Eastern and Southern Africa (TSLI-ESA)’.

The Project aims to improve knowledge management strategies and approaches towards a pro-poor and gender-sensitive land and natural resource tenure rights system in selected Eastern and Southern African countries. The goal of the initiative is to contribute to the development and integration of pro-poor tools and approaches for securing land and natural resource rights into development programmes.

Thematic focus:

Based on a preliminary review and discussions with various projects and programmes, the TSLI-ESA project will focus primarily, but not exclusively, on the following five themes:

  1. Using technically advanced geographic information technologies, such as aerial photography, remote sensing technology and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for mapping land and natural resource rights, use and management.
  2. Recognizing and documenting small-scale farmers land and water rights in irrigation schemes.
  3. Recognizing and documenting group rights, focusing on range/grazing lands, forests and artisanal fishing communities.
  4. Strengthening women’s access to land.
  5. Documenting best practices in securing land and natural resource rights through business partnerships between small-scale farmers and outside investors.

Regional Learning Workshop on ‘Land and Natural Resources Tenure Security’, 29-31 May 2012:

In order to launch this knowledge management initiative, a Regional Learning Workshop was held in Nairobi, Kenya, 29-31 May 2012. The overall objective of the workshop was to deepen the understanding of land and natural resources tenure security issues and to identify opportunities to strengthen land tenure security and land access of the rural poor and marginalized groups in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The expected outputs of the workshop:

  1. Challenges as well as innovative approaches for strengthening security of land and natural resource tenure of the poor people and vulnerable groups identified and shared;
  2. Lesson-sharing and knowledge exchanges among various stakeholders and programmes strengthened.


About 80 people from 20 different countries attended the Workshop, 55 of which came from IFAD-supported projects and programmes mainly in East and Southern Africa, but also from West and Central Africa (Ghana, the Gambia, Guinea and Burkina Faso). The rest came from civil society organizations, farmers’ organizations, private sector organizations, government departments and inter-governmental organizations more directly involved in land policy implementation.

The participants were able to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the importance of land and natural resource management issues and the associated challenges. They are now better equipped to address these challenges within their own projects and programme and to share the knowledge gained with colleagues and practitioners in their countries.

Please find below the documents related to the Regional Learning Workshop as well as a list of useful links.

Contact information:
Land and Global Land Tool Network Unit Urban Legislation,
Land and Governance Branch United Nations Human Settlement Programme (UN-Habitat)
P.O. Box 30030, 00100 Nairobi, Kenya
Email: Danilo.Antonio@unhabitat.org or Samuel.Mabikke@unhabitat.org

Other Relevant Links:

Key Documents and Information:

Regional Learning Workshop On ‘Land and Natural Resources Tenure Security’, 29-31 May 2012
Background Note ‘Regional Workshop_Background Note’
Final Programme ‘Final Programme_Learning Workshop’
List of Participants ‘List of Participants_Regional Learning Workshop’
Brief on Knowledge Management Tools ‘KM Tools Summary’
Presentation on ‘Overview of Land and Natural Resource Tenure: Concepts and Importance’ ‘Overview of L&NRT – Concepts and Importance’
Presentation by Mount Kenya East Pilot Project (MKEPP), Kenya ‘MKEPP Presentation’
Presentation by Irrigation, Rural Livelihoods and Agricultural Development Project (IRLADP), Malawi ‘IRLAD Presentation on land experiences’
Presentation by Sustainable Rangeland Management Project (SRMP), Tanzania ‘SRMP Presentation’
Presentation by Transitional Programme of Post Conflict Reconstruction (PTRPC), Burundi ‘PTRPC – Experience du femme et foncier au Burundi’
Presentation by Vegetable Oil Development Project (VODP), Uganda ‘VODP Presentation Land Issues’
Presentation on ‘Land Policy Initiative: Status and Updates’ by UNECA ‘LPI Presentation’
Presentation on ‘Global Land Tool Network: Partnership, Tools and Approaches’ by GLTN ‘GLTN Tools’
Presentation on ‘Mapping for Land and Natural Resource Management: Tools and Services’ by RCMRD ‘RCMRD Presentation’
Presentation on ‘Mechanisms for Sharing Lessons and Experiences in Tools Development’ by IFAD-Africa ‘IFAD Africa – KM Tools Presentation’
Presentation from Breakout Session II, Theme 1 ‘Breakout Session II – Theme 1 – Mapping Land and NR Rights, Use’
Presentation from Breakout Session II, Theme 3 ‘Breakout Session II – Theme 3 – Group Rights’
Presentation on ‘Conclusions and Way Forward’ by Group Rapporteurs ‘Conclusions and Way Forward – Presentation by Rapporteurs’
Atelier regional d’apprentissage sur la securite d’occupation des terres et des ressources naturelles – Rapport final ‘Atelier regional d’apprentissage sur la securite d’occupation des terres et des ressources naturelles – Rapport final’
Regional learning workshop on land and natural resources tenure security: Final proceedings ‘Regional learning workshop on land and natural resources tenure security: Final proceedings’

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