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Fit-For-Purpose Land Administration : Guiding Principles for Country Implementation


The publication is primarily designed to allow a range of stakeholders in developing countries to understand the overall Fit-For-Purpose approach and to recognize the benefits of adopting this approach. The Fit-for-Purpose solutions provide opportunities for land administration systems to deliver benefits, including secure tenure rights, to a wide range of stakeholders within a relatively short time and for relatively affordable costs in a flexible manner.

It provides structured guidance on building the spatial, legal and institutional frameworks in support of designing country-specific strategies for implementing FFP land administration. It contains the analysis and operational advisory guidelines to implement the approach.

Author: Stig Enemark, Robin McLaren and Christiaan Lemmen

Coordinators: Danilo Antonio, John Gitau, Kees de Zeeuw and Paula Dijkstra

Sponsors: The Netherlands Government, Norwegian Government and Swedish International Development Corporation Agency (Sida)

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